Travelling to Australia

Travelling to Australia



You have the options of many different airlines to travel to Australia depending on your country of departure. Due to Australia being geographically remote from most countries, you may most likely need to take connecting flights.

Booking for your flights online is usually the most straightforward, quick and convenient option and you can usually monitor deals on fares well ahead of your travel dates. Flight booking sites like Skiddoo allow you the convenience of searching for the best deals from multiple airlines in one place.


Find out from the airline if you can combine multiple pieces of luggage within your baggage weight allowance as it may be helpful if you can pack some of your bags into boxes which weigh less than suitcases. Also speak to the airline to see if they can offer special baggage allowances such as double baggage allowance for new migrants travelling to Australia. These offers are usually restricted to one-way fares and you may be asked to provide evidence of your visa (usually permanent resident visas and not 457 working visa).


Travel Insurance

It is also wise and highly recommended that you organise a travel insurance prior to your departure to ensure you and your family members are covered for the duration of the trip and during your initial stay in Australia as medical expenses can be very costly in Australia if you don’t have proper coverage. Even if you are coming into the country as Australian permanent residents and are entitled to Medicare, you will need time to visit a Medicare service centre in order to be enrolled into public healthcare after your arrival. Your travel insurance should ideally cover you for your initial stay in Australia as well so that you have some breathing room until you get things organised.


Customs and Declaration

Australian Customs and Border Protection have strict rules on what people can and cannot bring into the country. Live animals, plant material, animal products and certain foods from overseas can carry pests and diseases which pose serious threats to our agriculture and unique flora and fauna, and therefore these items are not allowed to be brought into Australia.

Before arriving in Australia you will be asked to fill in an Incoming Passenger Card. This card is a legally binding document, so be sure to declare items that you are bringing with you into the country. You must then take these declared items with you to the customs clearance point at the airport to be assessed by a customs officer. If you fail to declare all items that need declaration you may be penalised for making false declaration on your Incoming Passenger Card.

Depending on the type of items you declare, the officer may ask to see the items so it may be helpful to pack items that need declaration in one place for ease. The officer may decide if the items can pass the customs point or if they have to be disposed of. Always consider if it is worth the trouble and time at the airport to have these items declared and assessed or if you’re better off not bringing them at all.

Every passenger passing through customs at an Australian port may have their baggage assessed by x-ray, detector dog or a biosecurity officer even if you have nothing to declare.

The Immigration and Border Protection website has comprehensive information including duty free allowance, items that need to be declared, and items that are completely prohibited. You can also see a sample of the Incoming Passenger Card for a list of items that you would need to declare.


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