Pre-departure accommodation arrangement

Pre-departure accommodation arrangement


Unless you have a place to stay upon arriving in Australia, you will need to make accommodation arrangements before leaving for Australia. It is advisable to get this sorted ahead of time so that you have access to more choices on accommodation types, location and prices.

Although most long-term rental properties in Australia are unfurnished, there are plenty of fully furnished options offered for short to medium term rental. It can make your life a lot easier to settle into a fully furnished accommodation even if you are moving over furniture and household goods as your shipment often arrive after your arrival. Major city locations boast choices of accommodation but rural and regional areas may have more limited options.

Short term furnished accommodation could be charged at a premium but some offer discounted rates for longer term stays of a few weeks to a few months. Make sure to check if there are additional costs such as for internet usage and car parking.

Options of short term accommodation include hotels, motels, furnished apartments and houses, amongst others.

Airbnb Australia


Travel Factory is a daily deals site on accommodation, flights and car rental and may be worth checking out. Other options for short term accommodation are such as, and

We recommend that you arrange for a fully furnished temporary accommodation prior to your arrival in Australia as it greatly helps with settling in initially. A fully furnished accommodation saves you the hassle of having to organise for your own utilities connection (electricity, water, gas, internet etc.) and furnishings when you first arrive, and it is great to tide you over as you take your time in looking for a suitable long term accommodation option.


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