Telecommunication: Phone and Internet

Telecommunication: Phone and Internet


Mobile Phone

Although major cities in Australia are covered by most mobile networks, rural and remote areas usually have reduced or in some cases no coverage. Before deciding which network provider to go with, you need to speak with them to ensure that they at least provide some coverage for the area that you plan to live, work, or spend most of your time in. Usually Telstra would be the only provider that can cover you for rural and remote locations and do not be surprised that even then the coverage may be subpar.

Other major mobile network providers in Australia are Optus, Vodafone, and Virgin Mobile however they are not known for providing acceptable connection in non-central or major city locations.

There are usually options of:

  • BYO mobile or SIM only plans where you will use or purchase your own phone or device and only pay the provider for calling credits and data.
  • Mobiles on a plan with contract where you commit to paying a monthly cost for a period of time, depending on the contract length (usually 12 or 24 months), for both usage and the phone or device.
  • Prepaid plans where usage credits are purchased in advance and you top up as you go.


Home Internet and Cable TV

Telstra is also the recommended provider for home internet or broadband service due to the areas they can cover, although this does not guarantee that they can always provide quality of service in remote or rural areas. Having had a track record as one of the more expensive providers in Australia, they have recently introduced more competitively-priced packages and bundle deals for home internet and TV services, so look out for their latest offers and speak to a sales rep to bargain out a deal.


Negotiating for a bargain

It is common for network provider companies to run limited time promotions and offers from time to time so look out for these if you are after a good deal. Do not hesitate to bargain for an offer as a new sign-up and they may throw in bonuses such as discounted price, a free month, or waive certain fees and charges.

You must also ask for a bargain or packaged deal if you are signing up with the same provider for multiple plans such as for your family members, or if you are to also sign up with the same provider for your home phone and broadband services.


What to do if there are problems

If you are to run into problems with the service provided by your telecommunications provider:

  1. Contact the provider directly to attempt a resolution. Explain clearly what the problems are and what you expect as a resolution. Ensure you ask for a reference number to the conversation/call, and ask that the conversation be recorded for future reference or follow-ups if needed. The provider is obligated to record your conversations anyway.
  2. If multiple attempts to reach a satisfactory resolution have failed, you have the option to reach out to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO), which is an independent dispute resolution service for small business and residential customers who have a complaint about their telephone or internet service in Australia. You can lodge a complaint with the TIO online.


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