Packing for your big move

Packing for your big move


When packing for your big move to Australia, keep in mind that The Australian Department of Agriculture will be interested in:

  • any item that originated from an animal or a plant (including timber), or contains part of an animal or a plant
  • any item that has been in contact with animals, plants, water, food or soil. For example, these items of interest could include used shoes; camping equipment; or garden tools.


Useful tips on packing

Here are some helpful tips on packing your household goods and personal belongings for shipping to Australia:

  1. Clean all items as they will be inspected when they arrive in Australia. Any items that have been in contact with food, soil, plants, animals or animal products must be thoroughly cleaned and dried to ensure they are free from contamination.
  2. Look closely at the surface of anything made from timber for signs of insect infestation, traces of sawdust-like powder, fresh holes, chew marks or tunnels on the timber. If you find any of these signs of infestation you must either treat the items or dispose of them. Make sure you retain the certificate verifying treatment as authorities may need to sight it.
  3. Secure loose items such as sharp kitchen utensils, glass or ceramic items and ensure they are wrapped up safely.
  4. Pack fragile items carefully and insulate the boxes that they are packed in.
  5. Don’t pack any flammable items such as fireworks, aerosols, solvents, paint thinners, etc.
  6. Label your boxes and clearly identify boxes containing medical items, dangerous goods, or any items that may compromise the safety of people handling your goods.
  7. Prepare a list that includes all the items contained in each box that you are shipping. This list will be required by authorities in Australia. It may also be useful to to use as your own unpacking guide.


Packing materials: what to use and what not to use

Tips on choosing packing materials:

  • Don’t use old packing boxes that have been in contact with food, dirt or any kind of organic matter
  • Don’t use sawdust, wood shavings, or other organic material to pack your goods
  • If you are using old packing boxes make sure any previous labelling is covered or removed
  • Use permanent marker pens instead of labels as labels can fall off during transit

Be sure to check The Australian Department of Agriculture website for the most up-to-date information as there may be changes in biosecurity regulations from time to time.


Unpacking Your Belongings

Packing and unpacking can often be daunting tasks when moving, especially when you are moving across countries. Valet unpacking services are available throughout Australia and can be a great way to take the stress out of your move. They assist in sorting through your boxes and making your house a home in no time. Services include unpacking boxes and putting away your belonging away into cupboards, making beds up with fresh linen, setting up your office, arranging books on shelves, etc. The costs for these services vary from company to company and although quotes can seem high, it is usually worth it for the time and hassle saved.


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