Health and Personal Protection Insurance

Health and Personal Protection Insurance

Health Insurance

Depending on the type of visa you have and your country of origin, you may be required to take private health insurance as part of your visa conditions, e.g. 457 working visa. Residents and citizens of Australia may also need to have private health cover if they meet the set income threshold in order to not be liable for additional tax called the Medicare Levy Surcharge.

Personal Protection Insurance

Personal protection insurance includes policies such as life insurance, disability cover, and income protection that protect you from unforeseen events. These policies either pay a lump sum or a percentage of your income if you cannot work.

If you are a temporary visa holder such as 457 visa, your sponsoring employer is not obligated to pay your salary other than statutory sick leave benefits in the event you become ill or injured and are unable to work. Personal protection insurance covers you in such circumstance until you are able to return to work. However, visa holders who are not residents or citizens of Australia may usually require specialist advice in order to obtain insurance cover in Australia.

Sterling Healthcare Resourcing is affiliated with a reliable insurance agency who specialises in assisting non-Australian doctors with getting insurance covers. They have a vast experience in this field having worked with the Australian Medical Association (Victoria) for 10 years as their preferred insurance broker. Please contact us if you wish to discuss further.

If you hold insurance in your country of origin, you may want to review your life insurance options as some policies may change if there are changes to employment and property ownership circumstances in the country where you purchase the insurance. Income protection insurance may sometimes no longer be valid once you make a permanent or semi-permanent move to another country.


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