Furnishing Your Home

Furnishing Your Home


Although short term rental accommodation is usually furnished, once you are ready to commit to longer term lease  you will find that most rental properties in Australia come unfurnished. Check with your real estate agent first to find out if any white goods are included, for example dryers and ovens are usually already fitted in the property.

If you are not bringing furniture with you, you have the options of purchasing new or used furniture and white goods or renting them.


Purchasing new items

There is a variety of furniture stores to suit every taste and budget, ranging from the larger chains to smaller, specialty boutique stores. Domayne, Harvey Norman, Freedom Furniture, focuson Furniture & Bedding, and Ikea are some of the more common large chain stores if you are looking to get started with the basics. These stores usually have presence throughout most cities. 

There are also a number of smaller boutique stores in the major cities if you are particular about styles and quality. If you will be living in regional or remote towns, it is worth finding out about the logistics and costs for transporting the furniture to your home. Most of the bigger stores charge a one-off delivery fee so it is worth considering getting multiple items from one store if you want to save on delivery costs.

Online furniture stores are a huge time saver and are very convenient while offering a good range of selection and quality.

If you are looking to get quality furniture at good prices, check out the bigger stores for floor stock or stocks they are trying to clear after exhibitions. Do not be afraid to bargain as they can sometimes do better deals than sticker prices especially if you are buying multiple items.

Bigger chain stores like Masters, Bunnings, The Good Guys, Super Amart and Appliances Online carry a good range of white goods and electrical appliances.

For household supplies and kitchen essentials, stores like Target and BigW often have a good range of varieties at reasonable prices while Myer carries higher end range at higher price points. Stores such as Harris Scarfe often carry decent quality, brand new overstock items that are in perfectly great condition at a fraction of their original retail prices although you may not come across many of these stores in non-major city locations.


Purchasing online

Online furniture stores are a huge time saver and are very convenient while offering a good range of selection and quality. Due to operating online, they also take the hassle out of logistics and delivery arrangements for you.


Purchasing used items

Some people prefer to purchase pre-owned furniture and household goods that are good enough to tide them over until they eventually move to their more permanent homes. Some prefer to purchase pre-owned specialty or vintage items for their homes.

Online sites like Gumtree and eBay are a great space to hunt for good bargains on pre-owned furniture and household items.


Furniture rental gives you the options of renting individual items as required or renting a package of furniture for different sizes of household. Furniture rental typically goes by weekly rate and the longer you rent, the cheaper the weekly rate becomes. You may be required to pay one month rental in advance along with security deposit that is refundable when you return the items in their original condition. Be sure to find out applicable delivery costs.

Check out the rental furniture section of argusfurniturerentals.com.au for more information.


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